Sunday, January 31, 2016

Discussing Racism

I came across the following discussion this weekend and I think it's worth re-posting.

NewsOne: Discussing Racism

The first speaker on the panel (Pastor Cummins) says that we are not battling racism but that our country's social issues are really just moral. Jim Wallace (speaker #2) argues that the big issues at hand are indeed that of racism. MY BELIEF is that we DO have a severe discrimination problem in our nation, but the ROOT of that issue is moral decline. We have churches right here in Indiana -not more than 45 minutes from my home- that teach that the black race is cursed. If CHURCHES are teaching this moral corruptness, then of course there will be racism!!! And now because of the years of hatred from white people toward black people, we are experiencing intense reverse bigotry. No longer is the issue plain and simple "whites don't like blacks" Now the issues have increased with black bigotry against the white community. Our white culture has filtered hatred into our black communities for so long, causing them to despise us. God help us.

I came across another gem this week. Timely, I believe. This one was produced by Bill Gothard's organization. Wolves in sheep's clothing. I can't believe I ever listened to a word this man spoke. As you read these words, you can just feel the smug, outrageously cruel evil oozing out of his thick mask of syrupy spiritual goodness:  How the Civil War Could Have Been Avoided

***I've used the above link to jump to the webpage so that undue credibility is not sent to IBLP, an organization that I have zero respect for.