Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buyers Are Liars

"Buyers are liars." I feel like I hear that phrase almost every day at work. But I just don't get it. The idea is that when one goes out to make purchases or simply to browse for furniture, he will lie to either get you off his back or to get what he wants out of you.  And I really do see this a lot. But wouldn't this be a glimpse of who this man is rather than just a label placed on a man simply because he is buying something?

The guy who lies while buying furniture or checking into financing is the same guy who will lie to his child's school teacher or to the grocery store clerk or to his parents or spouse. He's not lying because he's buying. He's lying because he thinks no one in his life is worth telling the truth to. He's lying because he sees no value in honesty. He's lying because his world only revolves around himself. And, simply put... he's lying because he is a liar.

If I sound fed up, it's because I am. A customer walked in today to make a payment on his financing. While taking his payment, he indicated to me that his address had not changed. Before he left, he explained to me that the items he is financing with us needed some repair. As a part of our agreement, we provide repairs for our customers, so in completing the proper form for a technician to come out to his place, he said, "Oh, yeah... I do have a different address now. I keep forgetting that I moved." Liar. His world revolves around himself. He tells the truth only when it benefits himself. He's a liar. Not because he's a buyer. But because he's a liar. Plain and Simple.

\end rant.

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