Monday, June 27, 2011

When you come out of a bad situation, don’t be a mere survivor. Hit that negative thing where it hurts. Squeeze something good out of it. (Start a foundation. Be a mentor. Love another victim. Educate others against it.) Force that painful circumstance to face a dynamic end. This is key in healing.


Rambling Tart said...

Love this so much, Donna. :-) My life has been, as one friend put it: "A comedy of horrors" this year. Can't do anything about that, but I do my darnedest to find or make something good out of my life each day. LOVE your lemonade. :-)

Donna said...

well, your strength is an inspiration to me -as well as many others!!! i know you've had a tough road of it lately. and those words aren't even adequate... a tough road? no,... an all-uphill climb. but you have proven how beautiful and strong you are by refusing to rappel back down. i have so much admiration and respect for you.
(: ․☆´`'*¸.☆¨´`'*°☆.․:)
`☆.. ♥♥ HUGS ♥♥~ ¸☆
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S.S.L.F. said...

I'm part way down a long road of healing. Thanks so much for the encouragement and practical ways to healing. Needed to read these words tonight. Father is so faithful to continually remind.

Donna said...

SSLF, i am so happy to read that you were encouraged last evening! i will pray for you as God brings you to my mind. i have no idea who you are, but if you'd like to talk or for more resources on healing, drop me a line at

Blessings and Hugs! =)